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Theseus and the Monotaur is the 12th Episode of the 1st Season.


As a small boy Theseus discovers a long kept secret – that he is the son of the King of Athens, and that on the day that he can lift a great boulder, he will be ready to take his place beside his royal father. Accomplishing the seemingly impossible task, Theseus discovers his father's sword underneath the great rock. With the weapon in hand, he journeys to Athens where he re-unites with his long lost father. But the happy re-union is short-lived when Theseus discovers that his father, having been defeated in war by the evil King Minos of Crete, is being forced to sacrifice seven sons and seven daughters to the half-man, half-bull monster called the Minotaur. Determined to put a stop to this terrible tribute, Theseus volunteers to become one of the fourteen and sails off to Crete. But his attempt to overthrow King Minos is thwarted, and he and his fellow Athenians are imprisoned. Now it's up to Theseus to enter alone into the "labyrinth" (an enormous underground maze) and defeat the monstrous Minotaur if he is to save his people.



  • King Minos, king of Crete
  • Ariadne, Minos' daughter
  • Theseus, Prince of Athens
  • Aethra, Mother of Theseus
  • Aegeas, Father of Theseus