The Golden Apples are golden magical-created apples with magical properties


Hera's Golden AppleEdit

The Garden of the HesperidesEdit

The Golden Apples That Grow in the Garden of Hesperidethes were sacred to Hera the Queen of the Gods. theses seem to have healing properties that range from healing an individual that has been posioned to restoring an individuals Strength.there are guarded by the Titan Atlas .


The Garden of the Hesperides, Atlas' daughters, was Hera's orchard in the far western corner of the world, where either a single tree or a grove of trees bearing immortality-giving golden apples grew. Hera placed in the garden a never-sleeping, hundred-headed, dragon, named Ladon, as an additional safeguard. The 12th labor Labor of Hercules was to steal the golden apples from the garden. He stole the apples by asking Atlas to steal the apples and in return he would hold up the sky for him. After Atlas picked the apples, Hercules asked Atlas to hold up the sky for him while he made a pad of the lion skin. He never took back his job of holding up the sky and ran away.

Aphrodite's Golden AppleEdit

Atalanta the Wild girlEdit

Atalanta saves Meleager from the evil Calidonian boar robot and vowed that the man who can beat her in a footrace will be her husband.Aphrodite creates three apples to lure Atalanta while Meleager runs into the finish line and they are finally married.

Ulysses and the Trojan HorseEdit

Ulysses, king of Ithaka discovers that Aphrodite gives Helen golden apples to make her forget about Menelaeus and mistake Paris as her true husband.


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