Ulysses and the Journey Home 4
Biographical Information
Real Name: Wicked Singers

Ancient Mermaids

Species: Nymphs, Mermaids
Age: Immortal
Originally From: The Mediterranean

Phorkys and Ceto}


Their magic, hypnotic song


Themselves and their sisters

Character Information
First appearance: Ulysses and the Journey Home

The Sirens were magical ,seductive water nymphs.The sirens were the bane of sailors and were feared by all people at sea.They used their beautiful voices to enchant sailors and make them crash their ships on the rocks.

Physical Appearance Edit

The sirens are beautiful mermaids with lithe figures, fish-like tails and fluke-shaped fins. Scales cover their shoulders, arms, chests and tails and have a pattern of vertical stripes. They wear crowns in their flowing hair and they glow with golden light. The sirens come in two varieties. Both have light green eyes.

The first has deep flaxen hair, light emerald skin with dark green eyebrows and markings and violet lips. Her tail is light yellow and yellow-green. Her crown is a deep orange-red with slight gold detailing and a spiral shell design around the ears.

The second has bright auburn locks, yellow skin with deep magenta markings, eyebrows and lips. Her crown has the same design as the golden sirens but it is bright pink with a frame of light violet and a pattern akin to a row of hills. Her tail has the same colours as her crown.

Personality Edit

The sirens' nature is a complete mystery. It is unknown why they lure mortals to their doom or if they enjoy this task. They appear indifferent to the fates of those who succumb to their song but will oblige and give information to those who survive their deadly melody.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The sirens were greatly feared for their magical voices. The song of the sirens has the power to put all men under their control. Their singing makes humans jump into the sea were they drown and it causes ships to sail on to the sharp rocks.

Sirens know everything about the world and those that listen to their voices and lives will become wiser. They can project images of things they themselves have never seen and create illusions.

Because of their fish-like bodies, sirens can swim like the water nymphs and breathe water and air. The sirens are immortal and they can never die or suffer from sickness or disease.


The sirens were the daughters of phorkys and keto. The sirens at first were beautiful women and were the handmaidens of persephone.When hadas took her to the underworld, the sirens did nothing to help her.In anger demeter transformed them into birds with human heads.The sirens would sit on the rocks and lured sailors onto the rocks to die. One day they challenged the muses to a singing contest.The sirens won but the muses tore the wings off the sirens and made them into crowns.In grief the sirens fell into the sea.Some were turned into rocks but the others lost their bird-like appearence and were transformed into mermaids.