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Goddess of the Soul
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Psyche is goddess of the soul and wife of Eros.


Psyche was a mortal woman who had a love affair with Eros, but when she betrayed his trust, she was forced by his mother, Aphrodite, to earn her way back to him. After proving her worth, she became the immortal Goddess of the Human Soul, and was married to Eros.

Psyche was born as the youngest of three daughters to the King and Queen of a Greek city. Since the early days of her childhood, she was an object of admiration and envy (especially to her older sisters) because of her extraordinary beauty.

When she opened her bedchamber windows, crowds would gather in the street below to admire her, and they even clamored, applauded, and threw flowers at her, as if they were celebrating the beauty of an immortal goddess. Whenever she walked through town, she had to take bodyguards with her to keep admirers away. Despite this, Psyche did not become egotistical, and actually wished that she was a normal female with normal looks, for she wanted none of the overwhelming attention she received due to her beauty



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As a god , Psyche possesses the ability of Flight.