Persephone and The winter seeds
Season 1, Episode 6
Mythic Warriors Persephone and the Winter Seeds 24
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Persephone and the winter seeds is the 6th Episode of the 1st season.


Persephone, daughter of Demeter (goddess of the harvest), longs to be free of her over-protective mother. When she runs away to find adventure, Persephone stops for a drink beside a pond, unaware that she is being watched by the god, Hades. Hades, having lived his life in dreary darkness, falls instantly in love with this bright and cheery girl who promises to visit the lonely god and bring warmth to his cold heart. While the young goddess teaches Hades to dance, laugh and smile, Demeter, sickened over the loss of her beloved daughter, searches for her in vain, neglecting her harvest and bringing winter to the world. Meanwhile, Hades has fallen desperately in love with Persephone only to discover that she now misses her home and wants to return. But Hades knows what Persephone doesn't -- that if she eats any food of the underworld she will never be able to leave. Coaxed to eat three pomegranate seeds, Persephone becomes trapped in Hades' dark kingdom. But the seeds of love she has planted in Hades' heart causes him to regret his treachery and so he risks everything to help her escape. In the end, Persephone is re-united with her mother and agrees to visit Hades' world every winter.



  • Lizard Boy/Ascalabus




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