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Ulysses and Circe is the 8th Episode of the 1st Season.


After having fought in the Trojan Wars for ten grueling years, the great Ulysses and his men embark on a treacherous journey home. Ulysses is determined to get his men home safely and to return to his beloved Queen, Penelope, and his nearly forgotten kingdom of Ithaca. But the voyage is filled with peril and Ulysses' men, tired and weary, are nearing mutiny when they sight an beautiful but mysterious island. Though Ulysses senses danger, his men insist on hunting for food and soon come upon a hauntingly beautiful palace where all the wild animals are as tame as pets, the dining hall is made of gold, and beautiful nymphs serve every kind of culinary delicacy imaginable. Falling to temptation, the men ignore Ulysses' warnings and indulge in Circe's offerings, only to be turned into pigs by the cunning sorceress -- all part of her plan to lure the great Ulysses into her arms. Desperately searching for his missing crew, Ulysses confronts the alluring Circe and is nearly won over by her. But in the end, his loyalty to his Queen and his crew hold strong and Ulysses battles the shape-changing sorceress, returns his men to normal again and escapes from the perilous island.







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