The Gray Sisters
Mythic Warriors Perseus 18
Left to Right: Deino, Emphredo, Persis
Sisters of Medusa
Parents Phorcys and Keto
Spouse {{{Spouse}}}
Siblings Medusa
Children {{{Chldren}}}
Powers Imortality , Propercy , Teleportation , Magic
Weapons Magic Eye
Species God
Home A Mountain Cave in Aeaea

The Grey Sisters were three sisters who shared one eye, and one tooth among them.The Graeae took the form of old grey-haired wome


In Greek mythology, the graeae sisters were three sisters who had grey hair from birth. They were the sisters of Medusa and the gorgons. Each of them shared one eye and one tooth. There names were Emphredo, Persis, and Deino.


Each of them have grey hair. They wear brown rags.



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