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This battle is between the Olympian Gods and the Titans


Notable EventsEdit

Hepheastus is rejected from joining the Olympians Gods .Edit

  • Hepheastus pleas to the Council of Gods that due to his service to them he deserves to join the council .
  • Due there belief that Hepheastus is to lame for mortals to treat him with proper respect the gods appose him joining the council .
  • Zeus informs Hepheastus about the rejection.

Hepheastus free the Titans.Edit

  • Hepheastus seeks vengeance against Zeus and the Gods.
  • Alcyoneus offers Hepheastus help
  • Hepheastus free Alcyoneus and the Titans

Gods prepare for battleEdit

  • Athena informs the other gods that it was Hepheastus who let the titans free .
  • Apollo ,Hades , Poseidon and ares each feel that they possess the need skills and/or power to defeat the Titans.
  • Athena remind them that it there ability to work together that allow to imprison them before.

Titans Attack OlympusEdit

  • The Titans Attack Olympus from below .
  • Zeus proclaim that the gods must defend Olympus
  • Zeus summon a thunderbolt and counter attack the titans .

The AftermathEdit

  • Olympus is Heavily Damage
  • Athena reminds Zeus about the prometheus propercy , that the only way to defeat the titans is for a mortal to join them .
  • Zeus ask hercules for help

Hera is kidnaped/Zeus FightsEdit

  • The Titans climb Mount olympus and take hera
  • Athena informs hercules about event that has occured and that without Zeus leadership the Gods would fight together and that they would surely lose.
  • Zeus Fights Alcyoneus
  • Hercules joins the fight
  • Hepheastus switches loyalities

The Gos and Hercules fight the TitansEdit

  • the Gods combine their power with hercules arrows are defeat the Titans
  • Alcyoneus throws a large bolder at Hercules and destroys hercules Arrows
  • Hera give hercules an Arrows and tell him that she owns him her life
  • With the his Arrows , hercules and the gods defeat Alcyoneus.

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