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Damon and Pythias is the 7th Episode of the 2nd Season.


Damon and Pythias were two fast friends, always faithful to each other. As young boys, they anger the lonely and friendless Prince Dionus who under the influence of his court adviser, has been brought up to believe that no one can be trusted and that true friendship does not exist. When one day, a stray spear thrown by Pythias nearly kills the Prince, Pythias is blamed and sentenced to death for his deed. Pythias begs for a chance to say good-bye to his parents, but Prince Dionus is sure he will just run off, and so Damon offers to be executed in Pythias' place if his faithful friend does not return in time. Meanwhile, we discover the "Three Fates", old hags who meddle in the destinies of mortals, have been following these affairs and are determined to make Pythias' journey back nearly impossible. While Pythias must battle the magical beasts unleashed upon them by the Fates, Damon remains certain that his friend will return to him, no matter how hard Prince Dionus tries to convince him otherwise. In the end, Pythias nearly gives his own life to save Damon from his fate and this unselfish act of friendship finally wins over the cold heart of the Prince, who saves them both from a watery fate and learns what it means to have true friends for the first time in his life.







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