Charybdis is a gigantic monster that is devours the ships of mortals. Charybdis lives out side the cavern of scylla and any ship that is lucky enough to escape her sister, will be devoured by charybdis. When she sees a ship, she swims under the waterfall and lets the ship fall into her mouth.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Charybdis takes the form of a large green eel/mermaid hybrid. She has the tail of an eel, upper body of a humanoid woman with grey skin and instead of hair, she has a fin.

Charybdis can transform into a large maggot-like monster with a gigantic mouth filled with razor sharp teeth.

In MythologyEdit

Charybdis was a water nymph and the daughter of Poseidon.To expand her kingdom,she started to flood the world.When Zeus saw what she was doing,he transformed Charybdis into a hideous monster that sucks in water to create a fearsome whirlpool. Her sister is the deadly scylla.

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