Damon & Pythias 4
Biographical Information
Goddess: Goddess of Death

Themis (Mother)


Clotho (Sisiter)
Lachesis (Sisiter)




Determining when a mortal dies

Character Information
First appearance: Damon and Pythias

Atropos is the cutter of the thread of life. She chose the manner of each person's death; and when their time was come, she cut their life-thread with her abhorred shears.


Her origin, along with the other two fates, is uncertain, although some called them the daughters of the night. It is clear, however, that at a certain period they ceased to be only concerned with death and also became those powers who decided what may happen to individuals. Although Zeus was the chief Greek god and their father, he was still subject to the decisions of the Fates, and thus the executor of destiny, rather than its source. According to Hesiod's Theogony, Atropos and her sisters were the daughters of Nyx (Night), though later in the same work they are said to have been born of Zeus and Themis.

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